The day she said yes!

21 years ago (Oct 26, 1995) I lost the most important man in my life, my dad to cancer. It didn't define me but it changed the person I am today. It was a lonely time, as we clung on to Hope. We hoped we would find a cure, a doctor who had the magic solution, a miracle. Sadly, we didn't get the answers we had hoped for. What I do know, is my Dad is in a better place and some day we will be reunited in our eternal heaven. 

2 1/2 years ago this past February, I joined a company that was focused on health and wellness. I was looking for natural safe alternatives to scent sensory packs I was making and selling while providing childcare out of our home. I thought the business I started from the ground up, Play2learn Sensory Packs, was the reason I was placed on this earth. To help others learn through play. While it definitely was fun and exciting there was more to my story. 

What Young Living has done for my family in 2.5 years is more than I could have ever dreamed. After 27 years, my husband was able to get off his prescription meds for respiratory support with the help of essential oils and supplements from Young Living.  To say YL has changed his life, is an understatement. 

A year ago, I finally took the plunge and was able to remove over 50 toxic chemical cleaners in our home and replaced them with 1 concentrated cleaner, Thieves Household Cleaner~ that can do the job of them all. The precious bodies of our young daughters have been impacted by it. We maybe can't see all the physical impacts yet, but someday when they enter their child bearing years we will.

If it doesn't yet matter what type of laundry soap you are washing your clothes with, or the body wash you are choosing to wash your children with, it should. In this game called life, there are many things we cannot control, but what we choose to put on our bodies is one that we can.

When it came time to choosing an essential oil company it was an easy decision. Young Living is the global leader in essential oils. Gary Young, has pioneered the way, with his 30+ years of experience. He is a man of integrity that strives to find the purest of ingredients. When best selling products went out of stock due to a supply issue, he refused offers from 3rd parties to replace an ingredient we were missing, why? Because he cares more about the Young Living members then he does about the profit. The products he could have attained to solve many issues from 3rd party suppliers were not up to his standards and for that reason a best selling product that kept the company from earning thousands and thousands of dollars went out of stock for well over a year. 

Gary Young, ~makes products for a purpose, not a profit. If you would like more info, check out this link>>>>> 

To me, Young Living is a lifestyle change. Yes we have some oils, actually a lot of oils well over 200 singles and blends, but we also have so many other things as well. Top notch supplements infused with essential oils, fabulous personal care products for adults and kids.  Even products to help your furry 4-legged friends. If you are a fitness buff or someone who is working toward a health goal, YL has you covered. With over 500 SKUs there is something for everyone. 

First and foremost, I did not decide to become a member and share all the amazing things about YL for the paycheck, lets get that out of the way. Sure the money is a nice after thought and I was able to retire from my day J.O.B. but YL gave my family much more than just a paycheck. 

It has given my husband the ability to live his life without hesitation that he needs his prescription meds. From the time in my womb, my daughters were supported in our home without the use of harmful chemicals. It is their way of life and they don't hesitate to share that with anyone. My daughters are little tiny beings I aspire to be like everyday. Their conviction of living chemical free lifestyles pushes me to be better and do better. 

So why say yes and choose my Young Living team?? I am glad you asked. 

You see we are not just your average "team" our YL team is an extension of our family. When it's 10pm and your little guy comes down with something and can't sleep, I am here to help offer hope. When you are ready to travel across the country with 3 kids in tow and need all the oily help you can get, I am here. When you can't get out of bed and still have to function at that thing called life, I am here. You not only get 500+ other like minded oily friends, but you also get to be a part of a family where we raise each other up and support one another, whatever your oily journey may be. We are not like other companies, I don't just "sell things" I offer hope and education to empower you to make health and wellness decisions for your family. It is my true passion.  In a world where I once felt lost and hopeless, I can now offer others hope, and it makes my heart truly sing. 

You will never be a dollar sign, you will never be just another sign up and I don't plan to go anywhere, I will be here next year when you decide your ready or next week when the time is right. 

So, please I urge you when you are shopping "teams" and oil companies, consider this. I am in it for you, all you have to say is yes!


If you would like an insider look at our Oily family, please by all means contact me and I will give you a 1 week guest pass to see how amazing we truly are. 

Young Living Independent Member, member/sponsor# 1647574

Please if you are considering joining an oiling team, contact the person who introduced you. They should get the credit. 

If that team happens to be the YL Oilers, let me know once you sign up as I have a free gift for you to help you on your oiling journey. 

Happy Oiling!
~Miranda Dietrich, Gold Leader
YL Oiler Team Captain
Wife. Mom. Oily Guru.  

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