DIY Oily Baby Gift Ideas

You know someone who had a baby, maybe it's their first or baby#3, so what can you get them that won't get lost among all their other gifts??

How bout some incredible mom/baby must haves that will keep on giving long after the party is over!

These are just a few of my favorites:

*Debra Raybern's ~
Gentle Babies Book 
found here>>>Gentle Babies Book

*Melissa Poeping's ~
Chem Free Home 3 Baby Recipe Booklet
found here>>> Chem Free Home 3 Booklet

amber glass roller bottle 

Tip: for infants or babies I like to use anywhere from 1-10 drops of essential oil to 10ml of carrier oil, it depends on the essential oil I am using, and the sensitivity of the child

amber glass massage oil bottle 

*Bottle of Young Living Essential Oil Lavender and Gentle Babies to make all sorts of great things

To get your own oils or score yourself a wholesale account that allows you to $AVE 24% off, click here>>>>

to get carrier oil click here>>>jojoba organic cold pressed carrier oil 

You can print at home cute little labels from I like to use Avery Label #8293

they are 1 1/2" diameter

You can even add a cute stroller/car seat toy that could also double as an essential oil diffuser, place 1-3 drops of essential oil on it and you have a traveling infant friendly diffuser, great for stroller rides or car trips.

Add the cute labels to your bottles, place the items in a cute basket and your done! A gift you can feel proud to give.  

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