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Stress-Away Roll On!!!!

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PV 28.75
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Wholesale Member Pricing only $28.75!
I don't ever leave home without this one. It's the perfect travel companion in the car with little ones or when you get stuck in traffic. I have several friends that keep it in their desk drawers at work.
I also found relief for my caffeine withdrawals when I cut the tie with Diet Coke. I just applied it on my brainstem and temples as needed.
Stress-Away is one you definitely do not want to run out of, so stock up now, while it's back and get one for your friends' birthday coming up too.
Afterall, who doesn't have a little stress in their lives they could use some help with.
To get yours for wholesale pricing visit and get ready for some stress-free days to follow :)

Contact me if your ready to make a change that will begin the rest of your life as a healthy happier you! 

Miranda Dietrich 
Young Living Independent Distributor 

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