Thieves Household Cleaner

It's only 10:30 a.m. and I have already found three uses with Thieves Household Cleaner.  THHC is such a part of our daily lives.  Today I used it to clean my eye glasses-my bathroom mirror and my daughters earings.
There are dilution ratios right on the back of the bottle.  Best part it's super duper concentrated so a bottle lasts a very long time. 
I have 3 spray bottles made up with different parts of THHC for easy use.
1. Easy cleaning 
2. Light Degreasing
3. Heavy Degreasing 

The easy cleaning is mainly used for windows and mirrors-leaves a streak free clean every time!

The light degreasing is great for countertops-tables-cleaning your microfiber or leather (just spot check first) I also use this dilution for dusting (who am I kidding I don't dust often-but when I do it works amazing!)

The heaving degreasing is awesome for toilets-showers-getting bugs off the windshields and so much more. I will often spray these harder to clean areas first then do my countertops while the cleaner sits and gives it a bit of time to work first, leaving less work for me ;)

You can find some fun printable household cleaner labels from Lavender Lobby. They print on Avery Label #6464, 6-up.  I plan to make up THHC all purpose light degreasing spray bottles for each of my kids' classrooms this year. I will send along a roll of paper towels as well in place of the chemical laden wipes they request. 

My kids love to help clean and I welcome that as THHC is safe not only for kids but our furry pets too! The other day I gave my kids a bucket of warm water with a splash of THHC and they gave their outdoor toys a car wash. 

If you are in need of spray bottles check out these options, 16oz-Glass Bottle 

One of the reasons THHC is so incredible is that it is made with Young Living Thieves Essential Oil. 

Thieves is an essential oil that helps support a healthy immune system. Thieves is one I make sure that I never run out. 

I am a licensed childcare provider and a busy married mother of three. THHC and Thieves Essential Oil are both on my Young Living Top 10. They help keep our family clean and healthy all year long. 

If you are ready to begin chemical free living-then THHC is a great place to start.

THHC Item #3743
14.4oz of concentrated goodness (a bottle lasts my household about 6mo)
Retail Pricing $28.95  

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Miranda Dietrich 
Young Living Independent Distributor 

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